Youvella Longline 18R Hooks (25 per pack)


The Korean-based Youvella Hook Company manufactures some of the finest high-carbon fish hooks in the world. Youvella export around the world to more than 120 countries. The quality is superb, the price incredible and we have been able to choose exactly the right patterns to suit NZ fish species. We have packaged them in standard and bulk packs to create great value across the range.

Choosing Your Youvella Hook: The Mutsu is a superb pattern that is self-setting in the style of a circle hook. Great for all species. The 3/0 is an excellent choice for tarakihi. The Soi is a traditional pattern similar to a beak hook. If you fish with pilchards this should be your first choice. The Longline style isn’t just for use on set lines. It fishes well for most species when using regular tackle, hooking cleanly in the mouth. It is strong and durable. The Youvella Octy is another traditional beak pattern but incorporates a wide gape which helps expose more of the point for better hookups. The Circle hook is a modern spin on proven design with a super-sharp point for easy penetration.

This is What Makes Youvella so Good...
- Strong turned-up eye
- Tempered Hi-Carbon Steel construction
- Forged and flattened shaft for extra strength
- Wide gape keeps hook point clear for better hook-ups
- Point angle optimised for better penetration
- Strong turned-up eye
- Chemically sharpened hook point
- Perfect barb design that's short enough to penetrate and big enough to keep the hook embedded

Why Choose Youvella?
Youvella high-carbon hooks are the premier products in our hook range. With at least 82% carbon content the hooks are made strong to last. A separate R&D department ensures Youvella continue to improve their products with the stated aim of 100% defect-free supply. Testing is a major part of the process and the company has a division to ensure consistency and performance. Youvella has been awarded ISO9002 certification.