Menace Inflatable Manual Recharge Kit


Suitable for 150N Inflatable jackets with six of the most common types of Green Safety Clips. There are also all common rubber seals for replacement and servicing the jackets.

This Refill Gas Canister has been designed to fit all Menace Marine Inflatable Life Jackets, and other popular brands.
You can now replace your own Cylinders when needed.

Refill Gas Bottle (33 gram CO2 cylinder, 1/2" UNF Thread)
Various Indication Safety Clips

Please Note:
When purchasing for non-Menace life jackets, check the Co2 bottle screw connection before using.
Different brands of Gas cylinders can have different sized threads which are not compatible.

Useful Info: There is a lot of confusion in the market regarding CO2 gas cylinders for life jackets, even among those policing them. The date printed on our CO2 gas cylinder is the date of manufacture. Providing the cylinder has no corrosion and weighs within +/- 2g of the printed weight, the cylinder is good for 5-10 years for recreational use.