Menace Economy Inflatable Life Jacket - Manual


This Menace Inflatable Life Jacket is made from quality materials and is approved to Australian and New Zealand safety standards (AS4758.1- the most recent standard) 

  • AS4758.1 approved
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
  • Hi-visibility once inflated
  • Ideal for fishing and boat use
  • Official Type: Level 150
  • Old Equivalent: PFD Type 1
  • Manual inflation (Single pull inflation cord)
  • Buoyancy = 150 Newtons
  • Weight range = 40Kg -130Kg
  • Adult Waist / Chest = 55cm - 130cm
  • 33g CO² Gas cylinder included
  • Safety whistle attached to jacket
  • Features an oral tube for back up inflation
  • Grab strap
  • Sturdy Buckle
  • Available in Blue only

This type of lifejacket is suitable for Adult use only.

Note: The date printed on our CO² gas cylinder is the date of manufacture - not the expiry. Providing the cylinder has no corrosion and weighs within +/- 2g of the printed weight, the cylinder is good for 5-10 years of recreational use.