Kiwi Sizzler Fine Manuka Woodchip - Approx. 2kg


Kiwi Sizzler smoking timbers ensure you get the best from your Kiwi Sizzler smoker with a wide range of timber options to suit all tastes.

The traditional fine Manuka woodchip is available in a large 2kg* bag or a more convenient 500g* bag. Manuka is ideal for smoking fish, meats, shellfish and vegetables.

Fine Apple woodchip is sold in a 750g* bag and adds a delicate finish to the smoked product.

Pohutukawa is preferred by many for general fish smoking and comes in a 1kg* bag.

There are also two grades of Manuka chunks; the large 3kg* bag has larger timber pieces than the Manuka Gold chunks.

The chunk style is ideal for use in the Kiwi Sizzler Large Gas Smoker or if requiring a longer smoking time as the chunks will burn more slowly than the finer woodchips.

*Approx. weights