Pro Hunter Salty Ghost 30GM Slow Jig 3 Asst Colours


If you have already fished slow jigs then you will know that they catch the biggest fish more often than not. Fishing them ‘hands free’ adds another weapon to your fishing armoury.

There are two models available from Pro Hunter, the Salty Ghost and the Crazy Charlie. Each create a unique action that attracts the target species.

How to Fish Slow Jigs

As the name implies, slow jigs are made to be fished very slowly. In fact the best way to fish them is not to!

To explain that, slow jigs use a slow pulsing action created by the fine layered skirts. That means they won’t work well when
moved quickly. There are two ways to fish them. The first is to use it as you would with any other jig by getting it to the bottom and then fishing it a metre or so above. A very slow winding action, retrieving the lure for 3-10m before lowering again, will work as will a very slow lift and drop action. Make that very slow! Sharp lifts aren’t the best option but as with all jigging, try it as you never know what will work on a given day.

However the best way to fish them is to lower the slow jig to the bottom, retrieve a metre then set in a rod holder. Ideally use an
adjustable rod holder and set the rod just above the horizontal angled out from the boat. The action of the boat will impart the
perfect slow pulsing motion. A strike will usually look like a fish is eating the jig, which is exactly what it is doing. Don’t rush to pick up the rod as the fish will usually hook itself. Make sure the drag isn’t set too hard as sometimes the jig is crashed!

The design of the Salty Ghost makes it ideal for this method as the skirt is held in the best position to pulse. The Crazy Charlie
will usually sink faster. Mount it from the side fixing point though and it will pulse beautifully using the resistance of the flat
face to add extra action.

The Salty Ghost slow jig is available in four sizes from 30g to 120g and three popular colours (Firetiger, Green and Red). Keep a selection on hand to cover the various depth and drift conditions you will likely be fishing.

There are five sizes of Crazy Charlie slow jig and each comes in the three colour options (Bloody Mary, Firetiger and Red).